Learning to trade: the basics to master

432 ViewsWe try to explain what trading is all about in the easiest way possible. We cover the most important terms and take you step by step, from theory to your first transactions. Discover online which financial products are available on the stock exchange, how to place orders on the markets and how to develop […]

What is a credit score?

318 ViewsLending financial institutions know how responsible you are for your debt and credits using a credit score. Such a score is a numerical representation of your financial health. When the credit rating is high, you borrow and repay on time. On the contrary, when you have trouble repaying your debts, the score goes down. […]

From the importance of digitizing insurance to telesales

299 ViewsToday, insurers are setting up large-scale helplines, chatbots and video consultations. Customers are reminded that they can report damage remotely, as well as extend a warranty or submit documents online. Insurers have urgently put in place simplified procedures for taking out insurance contracts. In addition, training is organized online using webinars. Insurers are increasing […]

How and where to buy crypto

408 ViewsBefore getting to the heart of the matter, note that all the steps described below will allow you to buy Bitcoin, Ether, Dogecoin, BNB, Solana, etc. After reading this detailed guide, buying and trading cryptos will no longer hold any secrets for you. Decide where you want to buy cryptocurrency It is not yet […]

Bank loan to finance your business creation project

339 ViewsA bank is a company whose main activity is to finance the economy through its public and private companies; like any business, it seeks to minimize its risk-taking and optimize its profitability. Alongside their own commercial requirements, the so-called “Basel III” agreements oblige financial establishments to respect a certain ratio of equity in relation […]