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Buying crypto currency: how to trade crypto?

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As we promised in the introduction, before even telling you how to buy crypto, we will answer the question: where to buy it?

For us, this is a question that should not be overlooked because it will determine the quality of your experience as an investor or trader. By opting for an unreliable or unregulated platform, you are not immune to unpleasant surprises.

Rest assured because the two crypto platforms that we are going to present to you below are the opposite of all that. By trusting one of them, you can buy, trade, and sell crypto-currencies with complete peace of mind.

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrencies are volatile assets. So stay alert and only invest money that you are prepared to lose.

1 – eToro: the best crypto trading platform

After taking the time to test more than a dozen different services, the conclusion we were able to make is the following: eToro is the best platform for investing in crypto-currencies .

At eToro, 78% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs.

The biggest advantage it has is that it is one of the only platforms in 2022 to be regulated in Europe. eToro is effectively a European company due to the fact that it is based in Cyprus. It answers to the competent authority on site: the CySEC ( Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission ). That’s not all since eToro has the PSAN license issued by the AMF (the authority that regulates the financial markets in France) and that it is registered with the ACPR in France (a division of the Banque of France).

You will tell us, but what is all this for, after all you are only looking to buy crypto currency?! Well the fact that eToro is a regulated platform will give you better protection as an investor. With this broker you can take advantage of the Deposit Guarantee and Resolution Fund . The latter protects customers in the event of failure of eToro’s partner banking institution.

So yes, you will surely never need this protection because eToro is a reliable and serious broker. Now it’s always good to know that in the event of a glitch, all will not be lost. The same cannot be said for the biggest crypto “exchanges” at present: Binance or Coinbase . By choosing eToro, you will therefore opt for security.

eToro is also simple interfaces and a complete application. Through its site or its application, it will be very easy to buy cryptos like Bitcoin, Ether, Cardano… In total eToro offers more than forty digital assets. The list is constantly updated with new additions. This makes it an excellent solution for buying altcoins (this is the name given to crypto-assets excluding Bitcoin).

If you are looking to actively trade one or more cryptocurrencies, know that eToro is a good choice of platform. Indeed, you will find all the necessary tools and functionalities there. This includes leverage effects or the ability to place different types of buy orders.

At eToro, 78% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You need to know if you understand how CFDs work and if you can afford to lose your money. On eToro, cryptocurrency trading is done in CFDs.

As a bonus, eToro provides access to a copy trading function (to replicate the actions of the best traders on the platform). It’s something quite unique in the field and which will allow beginners to make some good moves. Be careful, however, not to blindly follow any trader.

eToro has also introduced a concept of social trading. You can easily exchange with other investors, publish posts, as if you were on Facebook or another social network.

Another advantage of eToro is that it clearly informs you of the fees applied for each transaction. There are no hidden fees.

To find more details about this excellent platform for buying and trading cryptocurrency, take the time to read our eToro review .

2 – ZenGo: to buy crypto-currencies in 20 seconds

Do you want to study alternatives to the eToro broker in order to buy and own cryptocurrencies? ZenGo is a platform that is likely to interest you. It will allow you to do all this through its application.

The first thing to know is that the ZenGo application is available on Android and iOS. It is possible to install it on both a smartphone and a tablet.

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