Technical Analysis Tools for Predicting Market Trends

156 ViewsIn today’s dynamic financial markets, the ability to predict trends is crucial for traders and investors seeking to potentially maximise profits and minimise risks. Technical analysis stands as a cornerstone methodology in achieving this objective, offering a systematic approach to analysing past market data to forecast future price movements. In this comprehensive guide, we […]

Forex Trading and Economic Indicators

891 ViewsForex trading stands out as a dynamic and lucrative endeavour in the world of financial markets. Understanding the various factors that influence forex markets is crucial for an investor. Economic indicators, in particular, are pivotal in shaping forex trading trends. This article is your comprehensive guide to forex trading online and economic indicators, explicitly […]

What options halving means for SG traders

379 ViewsOptions halving is a process Singapore (SG) traders use to reduce their trading costs and increase the rate of return on their trades. This process involves reducing the number of options contracts, or “halves,” held in each trade. For example, if an SG trader held ten options contracts, they could choose to halve this […]

What are the Technical indicators for Stock Analysis?

371 ViewsHistory shows that the most seasoned share market investors have relied on technical indicators. Cut to the modern age, and these indicators are still valuable for investors to acquire success. Want to start your trading game already? Why don’t you concentrate on developing technical and fundamental analysis? Assessing the market psychology is crucial, so […]

Learning to trade: the basics to master

432 ViewsWe try to explain what trading is all about in the easiest way possible. We cover the most important terms and take you step by step, from theory to your first transactions. Discover online which financial products are available on the stock exchange, how to place orders on the markets and how to develop […]