Learning to trade

Learning to trade: the basics to master

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We try to explain what trading is all about in the easiest way possible. We cover the most important terms and take you step by step, from theory to your first transactions. Discover online which financial products are available on the stock exchange, how to place orders on the markets and how to develop a trading strategy that suits your investment objectives, means and risk tolerance. By having the right knowledge, you take your first steps in the stock market while avoiding making the classic mistakes made by beginners. You make decisions independently and also benefit from the analyzes of our experts.

Whether it is Forex trading or stock trading, whatever trading instruments you have chosen, your own analysis is key. Technical analysis often plays a central role and consists of studying historical price fluctuations in order to predict future price developments. Do not hesitate to consult our section devoted to  technical analysis. We explain the main aspects such as the types of charts or the technical indicators.

Another method of doing stock valuation is to analyze a company’s fundamentals. Our section devoted to  fundamental analysis . tells you how to analyze fundamental numbers. These two methods allow you to use your online broker’s platform for a targeted analysis of securities and thus make your investments more successful.

Explanations about trading. How to learn trading?

Beginners often make the same mistakes when they start trading. Therefore, it is recommended to learn how to trade using a simulation account. Thanks to a demo account, you store experience without the risk of losing money and you test your strategies in real conditions.

In addition to our many articles and pages dedicated to stock market trading, we help you develop your skills by offering webinars led by stock market experts. The objective of these Masterclasses is to help you find the right path to becoming independent in your trading activities.

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